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My Checkbook IRA

Take  full control  over your retirement to build a brighter financial future.

Checkbook control is the first step to helping you achieve your unique financial goals and objectives.

Boost the potential of  Self-Directed  investing.

A Checkbook IRA expands the benefits of a Self-Directed IRA to give you greater control over your retirement.

Portfolio<br />Flexibility


Enjoy the freedom to buy and manage your own investment decisions in almost any asset class.

Greater Asset Protection

Greater Asset Protection

Checkbook IRA owners enjoy greater legal protection for their assets and investments.

Fewer Processing Fees

Fewer Processing Fees

Bypass costly administrative processing fees with a properly established IRA LLC/Trust.

Tax Advantaged Growth

Tax Advantaged Growth

Accellerate your retirement potential while leveraging the benefits of tax-deferred or tax-free growth.

We make it easy to establish your Checkbook IRA.

Our simple, straightforward approach will have you up and running in minutes.


Open Your Account

Choose the right type of retirement account to fit your unique financial goals and objectives.


Set Up Your IRA LLC/Trust

The entity is created listing your IRA as the Member/Grantor and you yourself as the Manager/Trustee. You’ll setup an LLC/Trust Checking Account at a local bank.


Fund Your IRA LLC/Trust

Fund your IRA via Transfer, Rollover, or new IRA Contributions. Then, instruct your IRA custodian to send the funds from your IRA to the entity Checking Account.


Start Investing

With the IRA funds in the LLC/Trust Checking Account, you will control all cash flow and investment direction on your own.

Build a truly  diversified  portfolio.

With a Checkbook IRA, you can choose from an endless array of investment options, quickly and easily.

How does a  Checkbook IRA  compare?

Plan Benefits

Self-Directed IRA

Checkbook IRA

No Additional Cost per Asset

Real Time Access to IRA Funds

Unlimited No Cost Transactions

Additional Liability Protection

Transact on your own without a Custodian


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating the self-directed terrain can be complex. We’ve listed a few frequently asked questions to help.

I have several IRAs and old 401(k)s. Can I combine them?

Yes! You can typically combine multiple retirement accounts and invest the funds into a single IRA to maximize your buying power.


We recommend that you consult with a qualified CPA or tax advisor before making any significant financial decision.

What is Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)?

Limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other entities that carry on an unrelated business or borrow funds to finance the acquisition of property may generate Unrelated Business Taxable Income (“UBTI”).


 UBTI is generally reported on a Schedule K-1 issued by the related entity. If the UBTI attributable to your IRA exceeds $1,000 for any taxable year, IRS Form 990-T must be filed and sent to the IRS with the appropriate amount of tax, payable from your IRA account.


For more information on UBTI, please refer to IRS Publication 598, visit and/or consult with a qualified CPA or tax advisor.

Can I make a Contribution directly to my Checkbook IRA checking account?

No, the IRS requires any Contributions (or Distributions to yourself) to go directly through the IRA to ensure reporting accuracy. When making a Contribution to the IRA you will need to send funds directly to the custodian. Once the funds have been placed in the IRA, you can direct the custodian to send the funds to your Checkbook IRA checking account.

Manage your retirement your way.

With a Checkbook IRA, you can purchase rental properties, establish startup businesses, participate in marketplace lending, and so much more!


We are dedicated to creating access to alternative assets through Checkbook IRAs and Checkbook Solo 401(k)s.